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All you Must Know about Glaucoma

No doubt you should not trust search engines with regard to the symptoms you go through related to your health, but internet is good to learn about various diseases and illnesses. If you are here to learn about glaucoma, let us begin with the information on the same.

What is glaucoma?

People feel it is some sort of a disease, but it is a group of diseases that disturbs as well as destructs the optic nerve of your eyes. The pressure in the internal side of the eye increase so much that your optic nerve begins to deteriorate within a couple of days, or even months.

What is the first symptom of glaucoma?

It is usually a cloud like sheet formed in the cornea of the eye. It is noticed very clearly and thus, should not be ignored. If you see someone with a cloud-like thing in their cornea, suggest them to visit a doctor right away. Delaying a visit to an ophthalmologist will be regretted in future, as in some severe cases glaucoma might not even leave the eyes, leading to blindness or complete vision loss. In fact, it is said that the damage caused by glaucoma can never be reversed. Therefore, if you get it checked in the initial phase itself, chances are your eyes will be saved and you can still see like a person with normal vision.

What are the other symptoms of glaucoma?

  • Blurry vision
  • Blind spots
  • Headache/migraine
  • Halos around the eyes
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Episodes of nausea

Can glaucoma be treated?

If it is detected at an early stage, you can save it from causing more damage to your eyes. If you keep ignoring the symptoms of glaucoma, there are chances for it to cause severe damage to your vision.

Where can I visit to treat glaucoma?

Visit kraffeye.com to know about one of the best institutes for glaucoma treatment. No doubt some effects of it can never be reversed, but if the doctor can save your vision, that’s the biggest thing you can ever be grateful for. There might be a lot of ophthalmologists local to you, but you must visit the one who has a huge amount of experience in treating patients with glaucoma. Since it is not an ordinary eye issue, you might want to consult someone who has saved the vision for several patients in the past.

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