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How to take care of your loved ones undergoing Vertigo Treatment?

Vertigo is a common disease nowadays. A person feels like things are spinning around him even when this is not the case. There are many causes and symptoms related to Vertigo, thus making people confused. Many times it takes more time to know the exact reason. Hence, the proper Vertigo treatment can be given to the patient, only when the exact cause is known.

There are many cases where such symptoms are not known to the patients as well as the near and dear ones. Even if a person is going through the symptoms of vertigo, the proper help is not given due to insufficient knowledge on this disease. Hence, it is recommended to know the causes, symptoms of vertigo and also know how to take care of the person who is taking vertigo treatment.

If there is a patient in your house undergoing vertigo treatment,  then you must take care of the following things.

  1. Know in detail about the disease by doing proper research. Vertigo can be a symptom of another major health issue. There are many types of vertigo with different causes and symptoms. This can have a major effect on the treatment. If you know the details of the disease, it will be helpful for you to take exact care of your loved ones. Vertigo can occur occasionally and sometimes at a certain frequency or under some circumstances.

The causes like Labyrinthitis related to the inner ear, Vestibular neuronitis responsible for body balance, Meniere’s disease, Central vertigo, Dehydration, Vitamin D deficiency, Headache, etc, can create vertigo of different types. Hence, by knowing the exact causes, you will know exactly how to care for the patient.

  1. Various triggers can cause vertigo disease. Stress is one of the most important things that can cause vertigo. In today’s fast-paced world, stress is difficult to avoid. Help your loved ones by trying to decrease their stress by listening to them and relieving them from tensions at least for some time. Another factor that triggers vertigo is sleep. Help them to follow a fixed routine of day-to-day activities so that they get enough sleep time.  You also need to take care of their alcohol intake as this can increase the severity and frequency of vertigo. Involve the person in some hobbies where he can forget about the alcohol.
  1. Take care of their medication schedule. Medicines taken on time as prescribed by doctors help in keeping the disease under control. Besides medicines, the head and body movements suggested by the physical therapist will also fasten the treatment duration. Following a proper diet along with medicines is highly recommended by the doctors.
  1. The person having vertigo has the risk of losing balance while walking or climbing the steps. Hence, they must be accompanied by some caretaker whenever necessary.

With proper care and understanding towards patients undergoing vertigo treatment, assure them that you understand their struggles and support them emotionally.

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