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What to Look for When Sourcing a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

More and more women (and men) are enjoying the developments in cosmetic surgery, which allows you to enhance your appearance in many ways, from a tummy-tuck to a facelift. You might wish to have that unsightly bump on your nose removed, or perhaps you are Thai and would like a more European looking nose, and when choosing a clinic, there is much to consider.


The best cosmetic surgery clinics are located in Bangkok; much like Istanbul is the place to go for hair transplant, Bangkok is the go-to place for a nose job or breast augmentation. This has many advantages for the westerner; prices are much lower, the best surgeons and the opportunity to holiday in the tropical paradise of Thailand. One such clinic, https://www.nopparatclinic.com/surgery/ศัลยกรรมจมูก/ offers a wide range of treatments at very affordable prices.

Registered as a Surgeon

The surgeon must be registered with The Medical Council of Thailand, which permits them to practice and you should make a point of checking this when looking at clinic websites. Of course, you want a surgeon with many years of experience and you can easily read the resident surgeon’s bio on the clinic website.

Client Reviews

These count for so much and you should read every one, which will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your surgeon is one of the best. Unfortunately, Thai law does not allow websites to publish before and after images, but when you have your consultation with the surgeon, he would have many pair photos for you to view. In Thailand, many superstars and celebrities have cosmetic surgery and if you find a clinic with an impressive client list, this is a good sign.

5 Star Service

From the moment you make an online enquiry until you have your post-op examination, you will be taken care of like only Thai people can do. The process involves booking an appointment with the surgeon, which could be in the form of a Zoom call if you are currently outside of Thailand, and during this consultation, the surgeon would determine your needs and would make a recommendation.


One of the reasons why Bangkok clinics can undercut European or American clinics is the low cost of living in Thailand; leasing property is inexpensive and Thai salaries are as you would expect in a third-world country.

The Internet makes it very easy to compare prices and you could approach several clinics and compare prices, although price should never be the prime focus when having cosmetic surgery, rather the skill and experience of the surgeon.

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