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What You Should Know About Premature Ejaculation

Getting a consultation with a physician for Premature Ejaculation may be helpful. Discuss the problems associated with ejaculation, such as time or difficulty achieving an erection. Your doctor may recommend medication or behavioral therapy to treat the problem. If psychological issues are the cause of premature ejaculation, your doctor may recommend other erectile dysfunction treatments that could address your situation.

Physical causes of premature ejaculation can be due to low serotonin or dopamine levels. Inflammation of the prostate gland can also be the culprit. Physical treatments include a prescription or self-medication. Psychological factors, however, are difficult to treat, and a GP may suggest therapy. Men who have psychological problems may benefit from self-help techniques and couples therapy. While there is no one single cause of premature ejaculation, treatment for the problem is available for many people.

A definite diagnosis of premature ejaculation is important for proper treatment. There are several physical and chemical causes for premature ejaculation. In men with erectile dysfunction, the problem is likely caused by a lack of serotonin in their brain. These men may rush to ejaculate and worry about losing the erection. Treatment for erectile dysfunction may also address the cause of premature ejaculation. Many medications are now available to combat the condition.

The symptoms of premature ejaculation are uncontrollable ejaculation that occurs before intercourse has begun or after minimal sexual stimulation. Your doctor will ask about your medical history and conduct a physical exam, and may even speak with your partner if he suspects a problem. Lab tests may be ordered to rule out other underlying conditions. Most cases of premature ejaculation improve on their own. If you are worried about your condition, you can seek counseling to overcome the anxiety associated with premature ejaculation.

To treat PE, it is important to understand the causes and symptoms. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if PE is due to underlying psychological problems or a hormonal imbalance. If you think that it may be due to PE, you should visit a doctor and urologist such as at the medical clinic called Proactive Men’s Medical Center. In some cases, a mental health professional can help you determine which treatments are best for your unique situation. In the meantime, you can try a few simple techniques to help your partner deal with your condition.

One study published in 2005 looked at 110 men with lifelong PE and found that ninety percent of them had an IIELT less than one minute. Ten percent had an IIELT between one and two minutes. This study concluded that a median time of 5.4 minutes is appropriate, and seven to twelve minutes is ideal. Most men experience premature ejaculation at least once during their lifetime. And while many of these problems are psychological, some are caused by medical issues or side effects of certain medicines.

Behavioral therapy for Premature Ejaculation is an option to treat this condition. Behavioral therapy involves changing the way you sex with your partner. This involves reducing stimulation to your penis and cooling down your nerves. Although behavioral therapy is effective, many patients report a lack of sexual satisfaction with this method. This means that you should see a doctor for a physical exam if you suspect that behavioral therapy is the root cause.

For those experiencing Premature Ejaculation, there are many options for treatment. If you are worried that you’re not ready, you can consult a sex therapist. They specialize in treating sexual issues, and can help you identify any underlying causes. Depending on the severity of the problem, treatment may include counseling, behavioral therapy, and medication. These therapies may be accompanied by other treatments, such as exercise and stress management.

Topical anesthetics such as lidocaine sprays can temporarily desensitize the head of the penis. This medication is inexpensive, easy to use, and comes with very little risk of systemic side effects. However, topical anesthetics must be removed before intercourse to avoid desensitizing your partner. Moreover, if you want to use this treatment, you must ensure that your partner doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction.

In addition to counseling, couples may also opt for relationship counseling or sex therapy. Premature Ejaculation can also cause significant psychological distress in both partners. For couples with a partner who is also suffering from PE, the first step is to talk to them about it. They may want to consult a fertility specialist who can help them understand their options. In some cases, the condition is not due to a specific medical condition, such as an emotional problem, but may be a result of a stressful lifestyle.

If you’ve recently had sex and are ejaculating too quickly, it may be a sign that you’re aroused and ready to have an orgasm. A higher amount of aroused men may be prone to premature ejaculation. The time between beginning intercourse and ejaculation is approximately 5 minutes. But if your partner notices that it’s a minute before he has finished, it might be premature ejaculation.

Another way to determine whether your partner has Premature Ejaculation is to undergo a study. A study conducted by Waldinger et al. in 1994 examined 110 men suffering from PE. They discovered that 90% of them had an IIELT of less than a minute. Ten percent had an IIELT between one and two minutes. The majority of men who had PE were ejaculating within this time frame.

There are several factors that could be contributing to your premature ejaculation. Some are physical, such as excessive alcohol consumption and inflammation of the prostate gland. Depending on the cause, your GP may recommend treatment. For men suffering from psychological causes, treatment may involve self-help techniques and couples therapy. If you have tried all of these methods, you may find that your ejaculation has stopped for good.

Self-help methods for Premature Ejaculation include a local anaesthetic spray you can buy at a pharmacy. Apply the spray on the head of the penis before sexual intercourse. Once the effect wears off, you can transfer the spray to your partner’s vagina. Medications to treat erectile dysfunction can also help restore normal control of ejaculation. Kegel exercises are also a proven way to improve control of your ejaculatory process.

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