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Family Dentistry –Exploring The Speciality

In the event that you have been searching for a new dentist, you have undoubtedly heard the phrase “family dentistry” a lot. However, what is the true meaning of this phrase? What distinguishes it from a comprehensive or general dentist? What kind of dental care can a family practice provide? Visit Fairfield, ME family dentistry for more info.

What is family dentistry?

Here are some valuable details regarding family dentistry:

Family Dentistry: Comprehensive, Preventive, and General Care for All Ages

Not every general dentist treats families. Although not as much as pediatric dentists with specialized training, the majority of family dentists have at least some experience treating kids. Family dentistry is, therefore, meant to assist you in meeting your needs for oral health as well as your children’s at every stage of life.

Family dentists are trained to provide specialized care to ensure that children’s specific oral hygiene needs are satisfied because they recognize that children have different dental needs than adults.

A family dentist can basically be thought of as a “one-stop shop.” The fact that you can get your teeth taken care of by the same dentist from infancy through adulthood is one of the main advantages of visiting a family dentistry practice.

Family dentists are educated to treat children with gentle, compassionate care because they recognize the changes that occur in a child’s mouth at every stage of development. Family dentists want to make sure that children always look forward to their appointments.

Family Dental Care: What to Anticipate?

While some may also provide orthodontics, oral surgery, including dental implants, & cosmetic dentistry, the majority of family dentists focus on preventive dentistry & oral hygiene. The most popular services consist of:

  • Frequent 6-month examinations & cleanings of teeth: These appointments are crucial because they let your dentist check on the condition of your mouth & your child’s dental hygiene.
  • Dental sealants & fluoride treatments: Dental sealants & fluoride are frequently applied to children who are susceptible to cavities in order to help prevent cavities.
  • Cavity checks & fillings: Family dentists are experts at detecting & treating cavities with fillings because cavities are by far the most common preventable childhood health issue.
  • Orthodontics: The majority of family dentists will provide orthodontic evaluations; however, not all of them practice orthodontics in-house, so they might suggest that you see a different orthodontic specialist.
  • Treatment for gum disease: Since gum disease is highly prevalent in adults, family dentists treat cases of gingivitis & gum disease with deep cleanings, gum flap surgery, and antibiotics.

Although not all family dentists provide these services, these are the most typical ones.

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