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Make a stairlift the perfect Christmas gift

Christmas is coming and its that awkward time of the year where you try to think of presents to buy for everyone. It’s handy that you have just been promoted at work and have a few extra quid to spend this year.

Your dad isn’t the same since your mum died earlier in the year. He is still grieving, and his knees are giving him real issues after grafting and playing sport for so many years. You decide to look at buying him one of the new stairlifts in Oxford that you have seen advertised.


You know that he can be quite stubborn and often too proud to tell you of any problems and he most certainly won’t have anyone round to assist him. By having a new stairlift installed, he will retain his independence, but with a huge reduction in pain from having to climb his stairs.

Limited space, no problem

His house has quite a narrow stairwell, but after speaking to the expert team who offer a free quotation, you are assured that this is not a problem. He is quite a big man, but a heavy duty stairlift can carry up to 25 stones in weight, so that isn’t a problem.

Great after sale care

You can take out a warranty of up to five years on certain models, meaning peace of mind going forward.

A great purchase

You will help put a smile back on your dad’s face as his life immediately improves around his home.

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